The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One Crispy | With Instructions

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken one Crispy/Grilled meal at McDonald’s is one of the fast food chain’s most popular and mouthwatering dishes. A combination of the smokey flavor of barbecued chicken and the richness of bacon strips can be found in this dish.

At times, you have a craving for this McDonald’s fast food item. Still, it is difficult to leave your house because McDonald’s is located a considerable distance away from your house, and you cannot travel there for an extended period to get this McDonald’s item. 

Suppose you did not order it because they did not provide services in your region. You need not be concerned; what are you waiting for? While at home, you can experiment with preparing food that will make your mouth swim. Check that you have all the necessary items in your house, and then we can start our journey through the world of cuisine.

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One Crispy

The homemade barbecue and bacon chicken wrap recipe is incredibly simple and tastes just like what McDonald’s serves. This is something that I just cooked at home, and everyone seems to enjoy it. Every one of its components has a beautiful flavor, and the fact that the tomatoes and lettuce are so fresh also imparts a fresh flavor to every bite of the wrap.

You must adhere to the BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap Recipe without omitting any of the stages outlined in the recipe. 

If you follow the instructions, you can produce homemade barbecue and bacon chicken wraps (both in crispier and grilled forms) at home to your satisfaction.

Key Ingredients:

McDonald’s BBQ grilled chicken wrap calories

  • Streaky Bacon has 97 kilojoules, which is equivalent to 23 calories.
  • 220 calories for a breast of barbecued chicken

What is the temperature?

  • Allow the oven to preheat to 190 degrees Celsius (375 degrees Fahrenheit), then bake it for 20 to 25 minutes.

Instructions for BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wraps

  • Placing a chicken without its bones in a dish is the first step. Apply barbecue marinade to the surface. Then, cover the surface with black paper and salt. Covering the basin and refrigerating it for an estimated duration of 30 minutes is advisable. Additionally, it can be preserved in the refrigerator overnight. 
  • 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius should be set aside in the oven. 
  • Bake the marinated chicken for twenty to twenty-five minutes or until the chicken’s fluid becomes visible on the dish’s surface. Place the chicken on top of the baking dish. An additional layer of barbecue sauce may be sprayed over the item to intensify its flavor. 
  • Apply the same baking temperature to the bacon chicken as you would for barbecue chicken. This will guarantee the delectability of the bacon chicken. 
  • Meanwhile, place the tortilla on a heat pan and preheat it for around twenty minutes, turning it over on both sides or according to the instructions inscribed on the tortilla wrap. 
  • Paste barbecue sauce or mayonnaise onto the tortilla, then distribute it. Continue until the tortilla is completely covered. 
  • Ensure that the tortilla is warm.
  • Once you have the lettuce, arrange it properly on top of the tortilla. Additionally, guests can incorporate supplementary salad or vegetables per their personal preferences. 
  • Once prepared, position the chicken on the lettuce leaves. 
  • A chicken piece should be incorporated into the tortilla.
  • Subsequently, proceed to arrange the bacon slices on it. 
  • It should be delicately enveloped, after which a toothpick should be employed. The act of employing the toothpick will aid in guaranteeing its accurate closure and will effectively impede any recurrence of the opening. When slicing the wrap into portions, apply additional condiments for enjoyment.


In a soft tortilla wrap that has been toasted, grilled chicken, bacon mixed with smokey barbecue sauce, cool mayonnaise, tomato, and lettuce are all included. We will provide you with Wrap of the Day every Tuesday and Thursday! The Crispy Chicken option is also available.

No, not at all! These wraps contain lean chicken breasts, beans, vegetables with a little cheese, and Mexican mayonnaise. They are a healthy option for those who enjoy eating chicken. You should use reduced-fat cheese and mayonnaise if you are concerned about the amount of fat there.

A dusting of baking powder is the secret to achieving the crispiest, crackiest pieces of fatty, salty skin you can imagine. 

Apply a good amount of kosher salt to the entire chicken, both the inside and the outside, as well as the front and the rear. Prepare the chicken by exposing it in the refrigerator for at least one hour and up to twenty-four hours. When cooked, the skin will be crisper if stored in the refrigerator with the salt brine on for longer. This will result in improved moisture retention.


The recipe detailed in the blog is exceptionally streamlined and straightforward to execute. Alternatively, you may enhance your appreciation for your homemade BBQ and Bacon Chicken Crispy/Grilled recipe by incorporating additional vegetables and seasonings to your liking. 

This homemade barbecue and bacon chicken is exceptionally hygienic and spotless, which is its finest quality. Additionally, it will not negatively affect your health, and you will enjoy it more. You are strongly advised to prepare a more gratifying and delectable supper in your kitchen. 

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