McDonalds Christmas Menu

The beginning of the holiday season and the release of McDonalds Christmas menu are two dates in mid-November to mark your calendars! From Christmas until New Year’s, enjoy this festive lineup of seasonal foods and beverages served.

The exact dishes vary but the menu always includes festively-themed burgers, cookies, shakes and more. Returning favorites like the Reindeer Mac and gingerbread lattes join new surprises each year. One thing’s guaranteed – between the Santa sauce drizzled burgers, cinnamon bun desserts and candy cane coffees, McDonalds has all you need to dash through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh down to your nearest location!

This menu is truly the most wonderful time of year for burger fans.

McDonalds Christmas Menu

On average, most festive menu offerings fall around $3-6 per item. Some cost comparisons for popular US selections:

Beverage-only items like hot chocolate and specialty coffees are generally on the more affordable end. Premium specialty sandwiches and desserts come in on the higher end, like the Reindeer Mac which comes with Big Mac ingredients plus corn relish and white cheddar cheese sauce. Family meal bundles and value deals are also typically introduced alongside the Christmas menu launch to help customers save.

A staple of McDonalds seasonal selection is the Christmas burger – a classic cheeseburger or specialty Big Mac variant with festive flavored buns or toppings. Some of the most popular Christmas burgers at McDonalds through the years have included:

  • Reindeer Mac

McDonalds takes their OG Big Mac made with legendary beef patties and tops it off with cheery gingerbread buns. And that’s not all – they slather on smooth and creamy white cheddar sauce and add a kick of festive flavour with a punchy corn relish. It’s their classic two all-beef patties special sauce sandwich dressed up with seasonal spices

  • Holiday Cheese Melt Dip Burger

A quarter pound beef patty topped with melted cheddar, grilled onions, bacon, creamy cheese dip, lettuce, and tomato – served on a baked artisan roll.

  • Festive Crispy Chicken

McDonalds is sleighing it with their new Crispy Chicken Cranberry burger! They start with a crispy chicken fillet sandwiched between two warm gingerbread flavoured buns – already bringing the holiday cheer! Then they slather on sage mayo spiked with sweet onion and top it with classic cranberry sauce. One bite gives you all those festive flavours in a chicken sandwich to jingle your bells.

McDonalds Christmas cheer starts first thing in the morning with festive additions to their regular breakfast menu. Hotcakes, hash browns, McMuffins, and more get doused with some seasonal spirit. Some all-star holiday breakfast items at McDonalds over the years include:

  • Gingerbread Latte

Topped with whipped cream fluffier than the North Pole’s snow and crunchy sprinkles in seasonal shapes and spices. One sip will have you merrily dancing around the Christmas tree!

  • Sausage & Gravy McGriddle

A freshly griddled maple syrup-infused pancake bun enveloping a savoury sausage patty and drizzled in creamy, comforting sausage gravy. Waking up to choices like these make those early winter mornings and holiday hustle much more magical.

Skip slaving away at the oven and let McDonalds sleigh your holiday meal! Grab one of their Christmas meal bundles and score heaps of holiday deliciousness, quick as Santa zooming up the chimney. The Christmas Spectacular Meal is a fan favourite offering.
This meal deal includes:

  • A choice of main sandwich or wrap item off the holiday menu like the Reindeer Mac or new Holiday Crispy Chicken
  • Your pick of festive side like Corn Relish Bites or reindeer-shaped fries
  • A McCafe holiday pie or freshly baked chocolate chunk cookie
  • A small McCafe hot chocolate or coffee drink

The full meal provides a little bit of everything off the Christmas menu so you can really get in that holiday spirit. It’s served in special cardboard packaging featuring cheerful winter scenes – perfect for getting takeout and enjoying at home while watching a Christmas movie. Prices vary, but they often range from $8.99 to $12.99, depending on the item and area. Enjoy all the seasonal specialties in style with this wonderful option.

One festive and affordable way to enjoy top hits off the McDonalds Christmas menu is by ordering the Christmas Spectacular Meal deal. This bundle features a choice of holiday sandwich or wrap entree, Christmas-themed side, McCafe drink, plus a cookie or pie – all for one set price.

McDonalds Christmas Menu

The exact Christmas Spectacular Meal cost varies annually and by location. But based on recent years, customers can expect to pay around $9.49 give or take depending on specific McDonalds.
That’s a hearty and merry multi-course meal at quite a bargain compared to ordering items individually off the holiday menu!

For most, the main purpose of the holidays is to get together with loved ones. McDonalds provides Christmas Family Meal bundles to make feeding a fun gathering simple. These bundles allow you to order an assortment of food and drinks off the holiday menu to satisfy a crowd. Options typically include:

  • Choice of 8-10 Sandwiches or Wraps

A mix and match of fan favourites like Big Macs and McChicken sandwiches, plus specials like the Reindeer Mac and Holiday Crispy Chicken

  • Choice of 4 Large Fries

Classic or spicy fries, maybe some reindeer-shaped fries for holiday flair

  • Choice of 4 Desserts

An array of McCafe pies, freshly baked cookies, and more

  • Choice of 4 Small Beverages

Hot chocolates, lattes, sodas, and other sips

Pricing varies by items selected but generally falls around $25-$35. It takes the stress out of planning a holiday potluck or friend/family gathering. The Christmas family meal from McDonalds guarantees quick and easy yuletide happiness.

A signature part of McDonalds Christmas menu is the specialty holiday drinks they add. These festive sips help spark some seasonal magic. Some all-star Christmas beverages at McDonalds over the years include:

  • Hot Chocolate Deluxe

It’s a thick, velvety hot chocolate with caramel or peppermint candy bits, chocolate drizzle, and fluffy whipped cream on top. A nostalgic winter flavour bomb.

  • Reese’s Holiday McFlurry

Vanilla soft serve swirled with chunks of Hershey’s chocolate and peanut butter candy in a cup rimmed with pieces of crushed candy canes. Fudgey, nutty holiday deliciousness.

Based on previous years, customers can expect to start seeing this year’s Christmas menu arrive at participating McDonalds around November 10th-15th. Special holiday hours may also go into effect closer to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
The launch often starts with a small preview of offerings before the full menu debuts. Holiday drink cups, baked goods, and McCafe beverages normally appear first. Sandwiches, sides, and other entrees join the roster a week or so later.

Keep an eye out for the decorated holiday cups to spot when festive treats start materialising! McDonalds also typically releases holiday commercials and social media sneak peeks ahead of the official launch.

As a general rule of thumb, customers can expect McDonalds holiday menu offerings to start rolling out annually around early-to-mid November.

  • McDonalds Christmas Menu End Date

Over the last few years, the offerings have typically ended across America stores around December 26th-27th. Once New Year’s hits, locations normally revert to the standard menu.

  • McDonalds Christmas Menu Release Date

Though dates can vary slightly by location, customers can typically expect to see this year’s McDonalds Christmas menu launch around mid-November nationally. Based on recent release history:

  1. 2023: Launched November 17
  2. 2022: Launched November 17
  3. 2021: Launched November 16

So for 2024, the expected release date nationwide across participating US McDonalds looks to be November 15th-17th.

McDonalds Christmas menu features an array of specialty holiday food and drink items. The exact offerings vary slightly by location, but popular selections have included:

  • Festive Sandwiches: Reindeer Mac, Holiday Crispy Chicken, festive Angus burgers
  • Sides: Corn relish bites, reindeer-shaped fries, chestnut deluxe fries, holiday salad
  • McCafe Drinks: Gingerbread lattes, eggnog shakes, hot chocolate deluxe
  • Desserts & Baked Goods: Holiday pies, chocolate chunk cookies, gingerbread McFlurry

Regional and international McDonalds often have additional culture-specific specials too. 

The best present you could give yourself is a chocolate custard with a buttery, flaky base that is drizzled with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles. McDonald’s Holiday Pie has 260 calories in it all together. Today, you can use mobile payment to place your order from our large menu through our app. Pick up at the curb or use a mobile order and pay.

As well as a milk chocolate sauce on top, this soft dairy ice cream has Maltesers® clusters, Galaxy® chocolate drops, Caramel bits, Mars® crunchy pieces, and Twix® biscuits mixed in.

Many people think that the festival originally held in the middle of winter was the first version of the Christmas meal we celebrate today. Researchers who have looked into the past have found that hog and beef were the most popular foods at feasts held to celebrate the pagan midwinter solstice.

The Bottom Line

The holiday season only comes once a year, so taking part in beloved traditions like McDonalds Christmas menu is essential. This year promises another round of festive sandwiches, sides, desserts, and drinks at Golden Arches worldwide.

Signature items like the Reindeer Mac, Peppermint Mocha, and Holiday Pies define the tastes of the season for many. New offerings also continue to keep things exciting and tasty. McDonalds provides reliable holiday comfort and cheer that brings smiles through the most wonderful time of the year.

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